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Aloni Davidov Tauber is a prestigious boutique law firm that provides its clients with quality comprehensive legal services in the tort, commercial, and real estate practice areas.

The firm was founded by Adv. Rotem Aloni Davidov and Adv. Nimrod Tauber with the understanding that the firm’s areas of expertise are inherently delicate and as such require professional and highly dedicated ongoing legal guidance.

The Aloni Davidov Tauber law firm is characterised by professionalism, legal creativity and proficiency, all stemming from the rich and extensive experience garnered by the firm’s attorneys.

The firm’s team views service awareness as the very cornerstone of the legal guidance process, and accordingly focuses on devising a unique plan of action, fitted to answer each and every client’s needs.

The firm’s attorneys provide highly professional legal guidance on a wide array of topics relating to tort law, including medical malpractice, injured parties, human rights, tort-related class actions and more.

In the real estate arena, the firm provides comprehensive legal advice in all stages and aspects of the transaction, including matters of property and real estate tax, as well as representation before all court instances, planning and construction committees, and the relevant state and municipal authorities. In this capacity, the firm’s team guides its clients through all phases of the process, including planning, negotiations, and ultimately the signing and finalisation of the transaction.

Furthermore, over the years the firm has gained substantial experience in the commercial arena, providing legal services to both small boutique firms and large-scale corporations, including guidance concerning their establishment, formulating strategy for its ongoing operations, managing complex transactions, and more. Moreover, Adv. Nimrod Tauber possesses substantial professional proficiency and understanding in the commercial law practice, enabling him to provide effective legal advice, tailored to fit each and every client’s individual needs.  

The Team


Adv. Rotem Aloni Davidov

Adv. Rotem Aloni-Davidov

Adv. Rotem Aloni Davidov is a partner in the Aloni-Davidov Tauber law firm, and head of the firm’s Medical Malpractice and Crime Victims’ legal Representation departments.

Adv. Rotem Aloni-Davidov is widely-regarded as a pioneer in the Israeli Crime Victims’Legal Representation field, with over 12 years of professional experience, throughout which she has handled hundreds of complex legal cases.

Adv. Aloni-Davidov is often noted as one of the most prominent figures in this practice area, having achieved numerous noteworthy legal accomplishments in the context of several high-profile cases that are often viewed as landmark cases in the Israeli tort law practice in general, and the medical malpractice and Crime Victims’ legal Representation in particular.

Aside from her extensive professional experience, Adv. Aloni-Davidov is profoundly acquainted with the legal and bureaucratic systems and proceedings relevant to the field, granting her a significant advantage in the handling of various types of cases.

Adv. Aloni-Davidov provides each and every client with full commitment and dedication, as well as the right amount of empathy and sensitivity as appropriate in the types of crises in which her clients often find themselves.

Adv. Aloni-Davidov leads her clients throughout all stages of the process, providing legal advice and representation before the various institutions and authorities, including the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, ministry of health; local authorities, police, and more.

Adv. Aloni-Davidov’s services are based on professionalism and sensitivity – both essential in handling such complex cases.

As part of her tort practice, she specialises in the following:

  • Pregnancy- and birth-related medical malpractice – In most cases, pregnancies and births are exciting and joyous occasions. However, complications do occur under certain circumstances, leading to various types of disabilities in babies and children. These types of claims are highly sensitive and complex, and require substantiation that either the medical supervision during the pregnancy was flawed, or a crisis in foetal health had been overlooked. Adv. Aloni-Davidov’s extensive experience in this field, combined with her profound professional knowledge acquired over many years of practice, assist her in determining the relevant components necessary to handle each case with the right amount of sensitivity.
  • Incest – One of the least talked about topics in social circles concerns sexual child abuse committed by parents (incest) or relatives. Due to the complex nature of these issues, most of these cases take years before the victim’s legal rights are secured. These complex and delicate cases require a profound acquaintance with the statutes of limitation, as well as an extensive legal understanding of the field.
  • Sexual abuse of children – Unfortunately, many children are subject to sexual abuse during their childhood, often committed by a neighbour, friend or acquaintance. These abuses often inflict long-lasting damage on the victims, frequently requiring mental health treatment. In these cases, too many years often go by before the victims find the strength to initiate legal proceedings. The provision of legal representation in these claims requires close cooperation with the various treatment authorities, and exceptional sensitivity to the client’s needs.
  • Rape and sexual assaults – Adults are also often subject to rape and sexual assault. In a large portion of these cases, they are committed while abusing authority for sexual purposes, during medical examinations and in interpersonal relationships. The legal representation in this field requires a profound understanding of the sexual assault field, along with a broad professional familiarity with the legal system and its enforcement agencies.
  • Human rights violations – administrative petitions often address Human rights violations, although, today, considerably more claims are made by use of tort law and financial claims, as these have proven to be more effective in forcing large organisations to protect the human rights of different minorities. Therefore, this mechanism is often used to promote protection of human rights. From the perspective that protection of minorities’ human rights is of utmost importance, led Adv. Aloni-Davidov provides legal representation to both private individuals and groups, who believe the administrative route has proven to be ineffective in achieving the desired results.

Adv. Aloni Davidov began her legal career at the State Attorney’s Criminal Division (Central District). Following her internship, she joined a law firm specialising in medical malpractice, and soon went on to head the firm’s Crime Victims’legal Representationdepartment, along with the management of dozens of medical malpractice cases. After eight years, she decided it was time for a change, and joined forces with Adv. Nimrod Tauber, and together they founded the Aloni-Davidov Tauber law firm.

In addition to her rich professional experience, she holds an LL.B from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies. Furthermore, Adv. Aloni- Davidov is a qualified mediator and notary.


Adv. Nimrod Tauber

Adv. Nimrod Tauber

Adv. Nimrod Tauber is a founding partner of the Aloni Davidov Tauber law firm.

Adv. Tauber serves as head of the firm's Real-estate and Internet Law departments, and provides professional and dedicated legal services and high-end representation to clients. Moreover, Adv. Tauber specializes in finding creative solutions to both simple and complex transactions, so as to realize his clients' goals.

Having garnered extensive professional experience over the years, Adv. Tauber knows how to provide clients with comprehensive legal services in real estate practices, including in buying or selling matters, combination transactions, procurement groups, urban renewal projects (TAMA 38), real estate tax issues and more.

Furthermore, Adv. Tauber has substantial experience in providing legal advice and representation to a wide range of commercial clients, from the initial planning stage, through due diligence procedures and negotiations, to execution and completion of the transaction – all in accordance with the client’s needs and desires.

Adv. Tauber is also widely experienced in providing legal advice and representation to both private and public companies, from incorporation to day to day to day operations, both in Israel and abroad.

In addition to his specialization in the commercial and real estate areas, Adv. Tauber also leads the firm's Internet Law department – a unique practice area entailing a wide range of topics, including direct marketing and spam – legal advice and representation to both receivers and distributors, formulation of privacy policies, terms & conditions documents for websites and applications, copyright and intellectual property, libel and privacy law, and more.

Adv. Tauber also specializes in the field of information databases. Based on the '1981 Protection of Privacy Act', the database practice is aimed at protecting the privacy of individuals in the virtual realm. In this scope, Adv. Tauber provides comprehensive legal advice on all matters relating to information databases and cooperation with the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority (ILITA), including adjustment of databases and data collection methods in accordance with regulatory requirements, database commercialization, management and registration, and all other legal proceedings relevant to the field.

Adv. Tauber started his legal career as an intern in the commercial department of the Raved Magriso & Co. law firm. After completing his internship, Adv. Tauber continued as an associate attorney at the real estate department of one of the leading firms in the field, where he gained substantial professional knowledge and experience, before establishing the Aloni Davidov Tauber law firm together with Adv. Rotem Aloni Davidov.

Adv. Tauber graduated from the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Centre (LL.B. + B.A. in Government), and he is currently a graduate student of History at Tel Aviv University.

In his spare time, Adv. Tauber acts as a diving instructor.